Why NGO and charity organizations in Lagos need a website

Do you know that amongst Nigeria’s population of over 206 million people, the internet penetration is growing rapidly, currently at about 46 percent (statista.com). Yet, according to a survey recorded by NBS, Only 22% of Nigerian informal businesses use internet in their daily business operations – NBS (nairametrics.com)

Thus, if people found online are increasing and their online activities are increasing; why shouldn’t your organization also be found online?

With the following points, I hope to help you find FIVE (5) profound reasons why you should start considering getting a descent website design for your non-governmental organization.

  • Your Fund-raisers are Online

There are many kind-hearted people who are willing to donate money to a justified cause. Many of these won’t have a cause to pass by your physical location; but with internet penetration, you can get their attention online.

  • A website increases your trust level

One of the things people use to determine the authenticity of a prospective charity that requests for their support is to google search about them. When people search for you online, how will they find you? Yes, you might have a social media presence but that is not quantifiable to a strong website presence that ranks you high on google search.

  • A Website can be your main Publicity Channel

There are over 6 billion searches on google daily. For people to find information about your organization, having a website is a worthwhile investment.

With blogs and articles shared on your website, people can learn more about what you are most passionate about and join in the same cause.

  • A website makes data collection and lead generation easy

Would you like to increase your membership strength; number of volunteers or participants in a seminar? Do you know people can seamlessly sign up on your website without demanding your attention; and with plugins and trackers, you can collate data of your supporters, find out how most website visitors found your websites and how your traffic is growing from time to time.  This will in turn inform your management decisions and help you grow in impacts.

  • Your Contemporaries are Online

There are many organizations committed to social causes, just like you. For you to meet up with high standards, you cannot afford not to be seen in the internet space. Organizations are leveraging the digital technology to get attention, mobilize volunteers and raise funds, where would you rather be?

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