Online contents to watch out for in Church Websites

When online visitors click on your web link, are they actually finding what they’re looking for?

Web Contents are mainly intended for informative or educative purposes; in such a way as to help people. Here are key objectives to consider while publishing your contents online.

  • Contents that help your ministry reach people for Jesus.
  • Contents that edify and strengthen members of your community
  • Contents that help answer people’s questions about your activities

Here are key info online visitors are looking for on your website

  • Basic Details about the Ministry
    • The mission of your church; the founder and even, the history, can convince many website visitors to be a part of what you are doing. Showcasing these information on your website reveals more of your importance and uniqueness.
  • Address of your Church
    • It would be great to embed google map showing your location ; on your homepage or contact page. With this, intending worshippers can easily locate your church and commute their.
  • Information about your Activities
    • Your website visitors can be of either two groups; those who had attended your programs; and those who might attend your program.
  • Contact Links
    • Social media profile links, Contact phone number and Email address which they can reach out to further information about your ministry.
  • Other Tabs
    • Profiles about your lead pastors and staffs can be included.
    • Photo gallery showcasing worshippers at some of your programmes
    • Events and Announcements; could be in form of electronic bulletin
    • Sermon notes and Articles on various topics written as blog
    • Donation links for those willing to sponsor/sow a financial seed.

Digital Content is highly essential to the effective marketing of Church ministry. I hope you found these insightful and helpful. If any questions, please drop down in the comment section.

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