5 Ways Your Church Ministry Can Grow With Online Media Presence

If you have ever pondered on any of these questions: “Should I invest my time in growing this ministry online?” “How helpful can social media be to our purpose?” “Is getting a church website worth the cost?” Then this article is for you.

It’s well known that technology is fast growing and the internet is bridging our world in an amazing way. Many organizations have seized an opportunity in this wave and you most likely have noticed this in various manner. Tweets, and publicity of church programs around you are evidence of this.

You likely have been aware of this trend, but probably you are wondering if having a self-owned website is really the next step for you at this moment. I can relate with your dilemma. I have been working in the technology & online media space since 2012. The longer I have worked in this sector, the more I am convinced how immensely valuable the media is to church growth.

The stories and testimonies from congregation members who follow the churches and ministries I have worked with are evidence to this. It’s a great source of joy to learn about the transformation taking place in the body of Christ.

My relation with other media personnel and church administrators had shown a growing wave of positive change in the means of reaching out to a dieing world in need of the Savior.

The following steps therefore highlight reasons to consider the huge potential in the Online Media for Ministry.

  1. Scale your sphere of Influence
    1. As Children of Light, we are called to shine forth our light to the world full of darkness. Where then can we find the people that need this light – online and onsite. With our online media, we can enlighten and educate people on various matters tackling pressing issues, invite them to church programs and disciple converts. Studies show that an average person spends close to 118mins; equivalent of 2 hours a day on social media. This is an indication of where to find those who need your ministry the most.
    2. With consistent blogging, social media postings and email newsletters, you can readily build an increasing followership of audience that would pay attention to your voice and through you be won over to a richer life in Christ. Research shown that out of 7 billion people in the world, 2.5 billion are on social media channels. This indicates that there are numerous people we can reach if we leverage this online media.
  2. Reach out beyond your immediate location
    1. Some people might not be able to visit your church programs in person due to health challenges, distance barrier, or social constraints. In such cases, the online media provides a means to stay in touch with your members who are far away and keep them connected to live services.
    2. When members of your congregation travel or get busy at work, the online media provides a means to still connect them via live stream or provide them an opportunity to go over the program through recorded contents.
  3. Communal relations that outlive Sunday
    1. Social media is a good avenue to strengthen your church as a community of people focused on Kingdom purpose. If you can craft your ministry vision through your engaging posts, it’s easier for your audience to relate and make it more engaging by interacting with the posts, thereby making the fulfillment of the vision easier and more efficient.
    2. Besides, the online web presence can help you get feedbacks easily from followers. Be it prayer requests, booking for counseling, forms can be easily filled on your web page or on social media with tools like Twitter polls. As the engagement with these channels increase, your exposure on the web also increases.
  4. Availability is no longer a barrier to Worship
    1. Leading a dynamic work force, such as occur in churches – full of volunteers, is not as easy when leveraging online media. Having an online platform for your members/workers via WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram has made internal communication hassle-free in many ways. Interactions, timely messaging, instant feedbacks are features that online media now provides.
    2. The online emdia
  5. Help raise fund for the ministry
    1. If you need to raise funds, internet transfer is made easy online. With the new development of donation tools by social media networks such as Facebook, it is now easier for people to partner with your ministry and help support you financially.
    2. Ecommerce plugins can be integrated on your webpage wherewith people can donate or shop certain of your ministry resources /products like Books, DVDs or Audio files.
  6. Reduce Costs on the Long Run
    1. When it comes to publicity/advertisement, the online media provides one of the cheapest means of gaining promotions in our present age. The likes of Facebook Ads, Google Adsense have readily made online marketing a ready-made tool in the hands of all and sundry. When rightly harnessed, these tools can help raise massive awareness of upcoming events that would win more souls to the Body of Christ.
    2. With the establishment of media resources, publicity costs will tend to reduce with time and use. Having established awareness and followership with a strong online presence, It would be much easier to target your audience with information and notices. During church services, there would be less need for printed bulletin – with the provision of on-screen media and the website informations. After services, members can readily be reminded of upcoming events from their social media handles and get fuller information on your website. With a rich web presence, visitors around your location who are on the look out for a church nearby can readily find you from a simple google search, and join your service the next day. These exemplify the endless possibility for a digitized ministry.

7. Others are, why wouldn’t you?

It sooner than later, that you should join this moving train. The COVID experience was a gleams into what the future holds. Online media has come to stay and the sooner you get a glimpse of it, the richer experience it would mean for your congregation and your calling.


The Online Media is not a mere trend that will fade away anytime soon. It’s a revolutionary tool that has been and will continue to be of immense blessings to many around the world. We therefore should not be left out in harnessing this tool in fulfilling the great commission given to us by Our Lord.

““Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

I hope you are enlightened by this piece. If you have any relative comment or question on this issue, please leave them in the comment below. I will like to hear from you.

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