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  • 5 Ways Your Church Ministry Can Grow With Online Media Presence

    If you have ever pondered on any of these questions: “Should I invest my time in growing this ministry online?” “How helpful can social media be to our purpose?” “Is getting a church website worth the cost?” Then this article is for you. It’s well known that technology is fast growing and the internet is […]

  • Online contents to watch out for in Church Websites

    When online visitors click on your web link, are they actually finding what they’re looking for? Web Contents are mainly intended for informative or educative purposes; in such a way as to help people. Here are key objectives to consider while publishing your contents online. Contents that help your ministry reach people for Jesus. Contents that […]

  • Why NGO and charity organizations in Lagos need a website

    Do you know that amongst Nigeria’s population of over 206 million people, the internet penetration is growing rapidly, currently at about 46 percent ( Yet, according to a survey recorded by NBS, Only 22% of Nigerian informal businesses use internet in their daily business operations – NBS ( Thus, if people found online are increasing […]